In the Shelter of the Little Brown Cottage

by Estella Whight

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This fictional novel was first published in 1915 and follows the story of two families as one tries to minister to the other of the love of the Lord through the fullness of His gospel and the restoration of His church. It gives a glimpse into the struggles endured by early church members as they faced prejudices and ridicule, yet still worked to spread the message of miracles and the divine love of God, His true mercy and justice, and the commandments and blessings He has laid out for His people in the scriptures.

CD 1 (Chapters 1-8)
01 A Financial Difficulty
02 A Diversion of Funds
03 Just a Little Gossip
04 Lifting
05 First Weeks Among Strangers
06 The New Senior
07 He’s Not the Preachy Kind
08 The Tramp

CD 2 (Chapters 9-15)
09 Making Ends Meet
10 Defending Their Faith
11 Christmas Plans
12 Christmas in the Little Brown Cottage
13 A Busy Day
14 The New Faith
15 Christmas Day in Dakota

CD 3 (Chapters 16-21)
16 Whys
17 School Vexations
18 Bad News
19 Henceforth I will Walk in Thy Ways
20 A Heroic Struggle
21 Without the Loss of One

CD 4 (Chapters 22-27)
22 The Little Sister
23 God Has Not Changed
24 The Distorted Newspaper Report
25 Superstition and the Plucky Thirteen
26 A-searchin’ out the Things of the Kingdom
27 Through the Deeps

CD 5 (Chapters 28-33)
28 The Sleighride
29 Small Talk
30 The Country Church
31 The Gospel Story Retold
32 Unexpected Difficulties
33 The Misplaced Letter

CD 6 (Chapters 34-38)
34 The New Life
35 A Disappointment
36 More Trouble
37 Surprises
38 The Untangling of Affairs


released January 21, 2012

Read by Holly McLean



all rights reserved